About Us

Sew Lanmou, "Sew Love", is exactly what we do to incorporate a high level of service and production into every garment's stitch. 

Sew Lanmou originates in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  We are a sewing/fashion design company that caters to a wide variety of customers, locally and nationally, to provide exceptional services.  Sew Lanmou offer services such as full garment construction and design, tailoring, and alterations.  We are here to provide you the opportunity to wear custom made garments matching your unique fashion/style preferences.

Thank you for visiting Sew Lanmou online store.  Browse through some of our custom garments, as well as our SL Collections where you can find some of the latest fashion trends.  Please do enjoy the experience here at Sew Lanmou, where everything is stitched with love!